ViaCorex Security and Reliability

GDPR Updated: May 1st, 2018


ViaCorex takes the security of personal data extremely seriously as it is crucial to our core business.

Here is a frame of some of the security procedures in action at ViaCorex:


Access to ViaCorex

Requires an email address and password. Passwords are stored densely encrypted in our database, and we use 256 bit SSL encryption between your browser and ViaCorex, so it is entirely secure.


Looking after your data

You own all of your own data and it is stored in our database system, which is backed up every day.


How robust is ViaCorex?

ViaCorex is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers, which gives a huge amount of scalability, security, and redundancy.

Our system will have no limitations to grow, regardless of how busy you get or how many new customers join ViaCorex.