Inventory & Warehouse Management

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Manage your inventory efficiently across various locations and warehouses, all on a single platform. View all your products as a complete list. Every product on the menu displays stock on hand (for each location), awaiting deliveries or orders fulfilling (for each location), and sales and purchase orders history for enhanced inventory control.

LOT numbers and expire date tracking

Improve product traceability with LOT numbers and keep track of their journey throughout sales orders, stock movements and product recalls. Keep track of what items are expiring soon to communicate and empower your sales team to sell off fast expiring stock.


Save time and minimize manual errors by using barcode scanning for receipting purchase orders, stock counts, and sales shipments.
If your supplier is using GS1 type barcodes (aka EAN/128), ViaCorex can extract LOT numbers and Expire dates and fulfill inventory and stock entries.


Transfer stock between warehouses

Quickly create a stock transfer document and shift stock between your warehouses.

Receive stock into a specific warehouse

On purchase orders, you can specify the warehouse anywhere you wish to receive the stock. When the purchase order is permitted, it will direct the stock to that location.

Fulfill orders from a particular warehouse

On sales orders, you can specify the location you want to send goods from. The stock from that location will automatically decrease when the sales order is accomplished.

Sell on consignment

Set up a stock location and do a stock transfer to move stock into that consignment location. You can then create sales orders from that location.