B2B e-commerce

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Stop mailing or waiting for your sales representatives to visit customers to show off your product catalog. Gone are the days of paper, PDF or Excel catalogs that are generic and often outdated.

Stay up-to-date and cutting edge with a B2B portal of your products that are designed specifically for each of your customers. Show them only the products that are suitable for them and with customer-specific pricing, HD images, rich product information and stock availability.

ViaCorex’s B2B portal helps you stand out by providing customers with 24/7 simple online self-service experience.

Your customers are busy managing the day-to-day processes of their business. They don’t enough have time to wait on hold with client service to order products.

On their own time, your customers can make purchases, educate themselves about your products and brand, and check basic account details like order status just like they do as online consumers without any additional training. Even better, it improves customers loyalty by making it even easier to do business with you.

Order management

The order instantly appears on the ViaCorex Platform to allow your back office staff to examine, process and dispatch the order as soon as it is written.
After your back office confirms orders, customers will immediately receive a confirmation email.